Are you our next Manyone Nomad?

If you're a Designer, Strategist or Technologist - or maybe a combination - looking to work 100% remotely but still be part of a great team and culture, you might be a Manyone Nomad.

From a beach in Barcelona, a flat in Florence, or a café in Cairo. Manyone Nomads are Manyones who work remotely from wherever they choose. As a Manyone Nomad you're a member of a Manyone team, holding a specific position and participating in team rituals and project work virtually. You are not merely a virtual resource, but an integral team member who delivers stellar work wherever you roam.

We're currently looking for 25 Manyone Nomads, so send us a cover letter together with your resume or portfolio. We'll connect you with the right Manyone team if there's a match. And who knows, this might be the start of something beautiful.

About Manyone

We are a strategy-design hybrid combining the best in creative thinking, strategy, and technology. Built to help businesses drive fast strategic change led by world-class execution—a consultancy designed for today and tomorrow.

Our team of 280+ designers and strategists are on a fantastic journey to create a better future for businesses, people and planet. From our 12 offices in 10 countries, we work with leading global companies such as Toyota, TSB Bank, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, and many more from our twelve offices across Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

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